Becoming an athlete
is complicated

Yes, it really is complicated. SSI simplifies the process for each athlete by helping them better understand the many medical, biological and scientific aspects in order to reach your athletic potential.

The SSI program is based on the fundamental principle: Adolescent Physiology Adult Physiology

Take the Journey to unleash your athletic potential


6 Months

Sports Performance Matrix

Phase I

Evaluate &

Phase II

Sports Profile™

Phase III

Develop & Implement
Exercise Plan


SSI offers:

  • 6 month Sports Academy-type curriculum
  • Sport specific education with modular tutorials
  • Development and review of proprietary Customized Sports Profile ™
  • Strategic development of an individualized exercise action plan
  • Supervised by Steven R. Boas, MD, internationally recognized Sports Pulmonologist

Evaluate and Educate

Athletes are assessed on Sports Specific Domains creating over 2000 data points –the basis of the Customized Sports Profile™. Educational modules are completed providing a more detailed understanding of exercise performance.

Sample Domains

  • Sports Medical Examination
  • Comprehensive Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Proprietary Diet and Metabolic Analysis
  • In Office Blood Analysis
  • Adolescent Sports Psychometric Profiling
  • Aerobic/ Anaerobic Exercise Testing
  • Breathing Mechanics
  • Breath by Breath Gas Analysis
  • Sports Genomics Evaluation
  • Laboratory Based Compositional Analysis
  • Advanced Level Performance Modules

Customized Sports Profile™

The Customized Sports Profile™ is considered to be “The Blueprint of an Athlete’s Machinery”.

It provides a comprehensive analysis of the sports medical evaluation and sports diagnostic tests which helps athletes understand their unique biological, physiological, psychological and genetic attributes. Empowered with this information, the athlete gains a lifetime of knowledge on how to leverage the athletic machinery to gain a competitive advantage. 

Develop & Implement Exercise Plan

This is where it all comes together!
Under the supervision of Dr. Boas and the SSI staff, the athlete is provided feedback and strategy sessions with the SSI staff to create and implement an individualized Sports Game Plan.

Our Graduates Achieve:

Discovery. Enrichment. Empowerment. Optimization.   

Discovery of their unique athletic strengths
Enrichment of their knowledge of sports physiology
Empowerment to individualize their training
Optimization of their athletic performance

Ultimately, our Graduates UNLEASH their Athletic Potential


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